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Sue's Anti-Ageing treatments and her range of holistic therapies have rewarded her with many returning customers and new ones.  

What the Press Say

Venus Freeze


Tried and Tested: London Evening Standard.

“It feels like a relaxing facial massage but the “Magnetic Melt” takes just 30 minutes to deliver gentle skin tightening and leave your skin glowing. It can even be used on drooping eyelids.”

Tried and Tested by Vogue Online: “Don’t be put off by the name. Of all the non-invasive treatments around to tighten ageing, sagging skin, this may be one of the most effective. It operates by combining Pulse Magnetic and Radio Frequency to raise the temperature of the skin, causing CONTROLLED thermal damage and thereby stimulating the skin to repair itself… Not that it hurts, not at all… The feedback that we get from clients using it is that the results are remarkable.”

Tried and Tested by the Daily Mail: “It just feels like a facial rather than something medical. There are no needles, nothing is injected. They hold a probe to your face and you can feel the pulses, but there’s no pain. The best part is that you can see results straight away — my skin looked instantly plumper and more youthful.” – Carly Brand.

What Celebrities Say

Tried and Tested by Cara Delevingne: London Fashion Week:
“My skin gets worse during the shows because of all the traveling, so I prepare at the beginning of the season by having Venus Freeze Face Lift Facial, which zap heat into your skin. You come out with plump skin because it helps to create collagen. Dude, it’s insane!” the famous model said.

What Sue's Clients say

Tried and Tested: Rita, a Venus Freeze Patient.

“The first time I was in to try the Venus Freeze I must say I was amazed! There was no pain whatsoever. I loved it. I know in the past with other treatments there was a pinching sensation. With this one it was just warm to the point that I was so relaxed that I could have fallen asleep. I would definitely recommend it.

Tried and Tested by Barbara – A Venus Freeze Patient:
“Venus Freeze happens to be one of my favourite things in the world! The results are unbelievable. Every time I have another session of Venus Freeze I am astounded at how fast the results come… because my face seems rosier, tighter, luscious and glowing. That is just a beautiful thing for any woman to experience.”

“I cannot praise Sue highly enough! Over the years I have tried numerous therapies and salons but none have come close to Sues.  A visit to her salon is the most tranquil, rejuvenating and enjoyable experience ever! ” 

Mrs E London


“Sue is warm, professional and highly intuitive. After my Indian head massage I felt relaxed and renewed, and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in months. Therapies are carried out in a pleasant and comforting environment. I highly recommend Sue’s Holistic Therapy Clinic”.

Caroline, St Albans


”I always have a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience at Sue’s holistic. She has warm comforting hands which massage the face and the Environ products make my skin feel and look plumped and youthful. With her guidance I am now on the top level of the Environ products and my skin has never been in better condition.” 

Mrs D Totteridge

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